October 13, 2019

How to take your very own family photos in 9 easy steps

Tripod family photos: A Guide.

Launch your child into another dimension because you didn’t actually discuss how high the swing would go.

Step one: Look outside and see that there is in fact SUN.

Today, Manny and I were going to relax and do nothing (we all know that usually results in home renovations or forcing my family to model for me). We had been sitting down for roughly 1.6 seconds when a beautiful ray of sun came through the front window. I unassumingly got myself all “did-up” and sat back in the living room and very casually stared into Manny’s soul until he looked back at me. I knew that he knew what was up.

Step two: Ask politely to take Tripod family photos.

When he looked deeply into my eyes, I gently whispered “I laid out some clothing for you. It’s sunny. Let’s go take some photos.”

*I Should note, That Manny had JUST returned from running six kilometers.*

He tried to hide it, but I did absolutely notice him grimace at my suggestion.

Step Three: Dress the tiny human in something.

Did I use the same flat iron that I had just done my hair with to get the wrinkles out of his clothes? You better believe it.

Step Four – Seven: Get to your location.

Forget tripod, forget memory card, forget child, pick up Tim’s, arrive at the destination one hour later.

Step Eight: Take the photos.

Try to hide the trigger in all of the photos, keep Harrison happy, apologize to people walking by for taking up the whole path, avoid mud on toddler shoes, get crop dusted by husband countless times, giggle LOTS.

How to hold a muddy toddler without getting muddy.

Step Nine: Always Have fun!

Taking photos should not be stressful! So what, we cropped our heads off in 20 photos, or Harrison ran away to stomp in a puddle after 3 minutes. We had lots of fun, and got some great photos too!

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