May 20, 2020

Cash’s Petting Zoo

Yesterday, we got to go visit our lovely friends and all of their adorable rescue critters! If you know Manny and I, THIS is our dream. Goats, Chickens, a Pig named Helen and a very puffed up Turkey named Tuck. Naturally I brought my camera along to document EVERYTHING.

Harrison was in his glory, boosting his immune system by sharing peppers with all of the animals and drinking straight out of Helen’s pool. It was so sweet to see the boys in their unplanned matching coats, and Cash showing Harrison all of his pets.

I’m going to brag a little bit about Brit and Cody ( and their little one, Cash) for a moment. They are people I would call Local Hero’s in the Edmonton area of Alberta. They, along side of some other amazing people, started an amazing animal rescue called Misfits of Alberta (https://www.misfitsofalberta.com/). It is absolutely incredible to see all the sweet little furry faces and hearts that have been saved by them! I don’t think that people with hearts as big as their’s receive enough credit for all they do, so thank you, to all of you who love and protect animals.

Ill keep this post short and sweet. We just so enjoyed our time outside yesterday making friends with all the animals!

Happy Wednesday! Go pet some animals today!

  1. Debbi Lenglet says:

    Awesome pictures Shania’s that I was just getting started and need to enjoy more of your animal adventure at
    Misfits of Alberta love your photography along with your captions.
    Much love 💕Harrison’s Grammie

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