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October 15, 2021

Danny & Josee

Danny and Josee – a story about checking the weather (and being faboulous anyway)

Did I check the forecast beforehand, absolutely not.

My sweet friends Danny and Josee got married in May 2020, and unfortunately were unable to have their wedding photographs taken. Like any photographer with a vision in mind, I instructed them to SUIT UP and meet me at the greenhouse. This is the magic that followed:



As you can see, the weather was quite lovely…. until it wasn’t.

We went back to our house to wait for the sunset, ate some tacos and looked out the window. I would like to say it was a complete surprise, but we (mostly myself) naively thought that “That massive rain cloud is DEFINITELY blowing the other way…” It, in fact, was not blowing the other way.



And then, it poured.

But even in the rain, they sang, they danced, and we all laughed together.

The End

Ps. You can ALWAYS have beautiful photographs no matter the weather! Just embrace it.






Location: Big Greenhouse, Spruce Grove AB

HMU: Shania Buttigieg 

Florals: Vanessa (VVplantspeak)

Shot with: Nikon & Nikkor 50mm 1.4

Presets: Jose Villa FTLOF

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