I love photographs that are true to color and real life. I keep my editing natural and cheerful, so it matches the day that we took them.
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*A note from the author (Aka me):
I have a post it note above my computer that says "Not me, only Jesus."
First and foremost, I feel so incredibly thankful that this is my full time job. I get to create art, capture love stories, families and all of the beautiful things in creation. What a blessing.*

Do you like dad jokes, drinking a whole pot of coffee by yourself, and a good laugh? You're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Shania (yes, like Shania Twain) I Can also be referred to as Shan or Mom.
Besides being a photographer, I am a mom to three lovely little humans, three dogs and a gecko. Wife to Manny (an absolute GEM of a husband.)
Before diving into photography I was a dental assistant. (So If you need photography and opinions regarding root canals and orthodontic treatment, I'm your gal.) 


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Did you ever think you would be able to receive photography without the gluten? Well, here I am. 
I also love animals, nature and enjoying life with my sweet family! 

Nature lover • gluten free

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